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Manitowoc launches two new Potain luffing jib cranes

  • Manitowoc is introducing two new luffing jib crane models, the MR 309 and MR 329, which come in 16 t or 25 t maximum capacity variants.
  • While both cranes share a 60 m jib and 3.4 t capacity at the tip, they have different load curves and heights under pivot thanks to the respective 2 m and 2.45 m pivot and mast configurations.
  • The new generation responds to customer feedback for simpler and quicker erection, a greater height under pivot, more powerful load charts, and a smaller out of service radius (minimum 9.5 m up to 12 m).
  • The new cranes also come equipped with the latest Potain Crane Control System (CCS) for faster setup and unparalleled control, as well as the new Potain CONNECT telematics for optimized fleet management and uptime.

Manitowoc completes its latest generation of Potain luffing jib cranes with the launch of the MR 309 and MR 329. These new models follow the successful introduction of the MR 229 at bauma 2022, which was the first Potain luffing jib crane to come equipped with the cutting-edge Potain Crane Control System (CCS) and Potain CONNECT telematics. The entire new generation of cranes reflects Manitowoc's commitment to exceeding the latest standards and incorporating valuable customer feedback gathered through its Voice of the Customer process.

Customers demanded quicker and simpler crane assembly and Manitowoc listened. The jib on the MR 229, MR 309, and MR 329 can be mounted horizontally, section by section, while the reduced windvane spans make installation on tight jobsites easier. Accessible platforms and steps promote secure and efficient worker movement, and the counterjib ballast is installed at working height. The positioning of the ballast is made easier thanks to slinging rings and a self-centering system. A redesigned luffing mechanism further streamlines assembly, while an integrated jib-end basket further promotes more secure installation, inspection, and maintenance. Finally, the Potain CCS decreases commissioning time, helping the cranes to get to work faster.

Customers also requested a greater height under pivot and more powerful load charts, which the MR 229, MR 309, and MR 329 all deliver. The MR 309 and MR 329 have been introduced with maximum capacity variants of 16 t or 25 t. Despite sharing a common 60 m jib and a 3.4 t capacity at the tip, their distinct pivot and mast configurations result in differing heights under pivot and load curves. 

The MR 309, with its 2 m pivot and mast configuration, achieves a height under pivot of 49.2 m, reaching a maximum capacity of 4.3 t at 55 m. In contrast, the MR 329, featuring a 2.45 m pivot and mast configuration, attains a height under pivot of 55.2 m, with a maximum capacity of 4.7 t at 55 m. In addition, the new cranes address the need for a strongly reduced out-of-service radius (9.5 m to 12 m) and decreased anchorage frame requirements, delivering improved efficiency and productivity on high-rise and congested construction sites where oversailing is not permitted.

"We've received excellent feedback since the debut of the MR 229, particularly for its ease of erection, minimized out-of-service radius, and the integration of CCS. Furthermore, customers have praised the seamless operation of the crane from the Ultraview CCS cab. With these achievements in mind, we have high expectations for the MR 309 and MR 329 as they round out this innovative new generation of Potain luffing jib cranes," said Thibaut Le Besnerais, vice-president of marketing and development at Manitowoc.


Dominique Leullier
Marketing Director Europe
+ 33 4 72 18 21 60